Nour Atta makes over $2,000,000 swing trading stocks using his proprietary trading formula.
Stock Trading Genius Nour Atta Teaches YOU How To Trade Like a Pro!
For entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs who want the freedom to make money from anywhere in the world, travel, and choose the lifestyle YOU want to live!

I will teach you how to make money in the stock market working only minutes per day on your phone..

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Why Listen To Me About Trading Stocks?

Nour Atta

I am an 18 year old stock trader, entrepreneur, and mentor. I have been successfully day trading and swing trading stocks for the past 3 years, all throughout high school and college. I invested my life savings into trading stocks and turned $20,000 into over $1,500,000 in that time. My best day was a $250,000 profit day. In 2018, I founded Nour Trades LLC for the single purpose that I want to help 1,000 people achieve financial freedom in 6 months. 
There are few people at my age who know how to make an income in the stock market. Some of my recent trading accomplishments include:
  • Consistently generating an extra full time income in the market
  • Never had a losing trade on the stock Facebook $FB
  • Shadowed a Hedge Fund Manager in New York with an expertise in the Options Market
  •  Received institutional training from the top wealth managers in New York City
What You'll Learn

Beginner Foundation Into The Stock Market

Becoming a consistently profitable day or swing trader is a skill that requires extensive knowledge and experience to master. For anyone who can master the skill, opportunity for making profits is limitless. With the beginner foundation course, you will learn everything about the stock market, how it operates, why it’s important, and how traders are pulling money out of it everyday.

Chart Patterns

Before we get into some of the basic chart patterns you should know, we first must make sure you understand what you are looking at when viewing a stock chart. This might be the most important piece of information when it comes to learning how to trade. I call out all of my entries and exits in live time in our chat room and SMS text so you can easily follow along with my setups and trades.

Risk Management System That Actually Works

Nine out of every ten traders who enter the stock market fail to reach financial freedom as a trader. But why is that? Well, from our experience, failure as a trader is a direct consequence of improper risk management. Trading is always a risk, but at Nour Trades, we will teach you how to understand & manage your risk so you can minimize your losses and capitalize on your gains.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis refers to the study of certain indicators that use past price action, trading volume, and information to help determine the future movement of a security. With Nour Trades, our professional traders have years of experience identifying and utilizing the proper technical indicators so you don’t have to. You will learn which technical indicators are best and how to use them properly.
No Trading Experience Needed. Suitable for ANYONE World Wide!
Can I Make Money In The Stock Market?
Here’s why making money in the stock market is so powerful: because as long as companies exist, they will need to raise money to fund future growth. That provides opportunity for you to consistently make money when the stock market is open…because it’s always there. I will show you the strategies on how you can get your slice of the pie.

Unfortunately . . .

For most people, learning about the stock market is too time consuming, especially with all the information that is given on the internet. How does one decipher the good information from the bad?

The good news is, I already suffered the heartbreak of multiple blown up accounts ($6,000 in losses) from following bad information and that is why I created my Stock Market Mastery Program. To provide you with the best information you can implement to make an income in the stock market, like I have.
Here are a few of the many topics I will be teaching you about how to make $1,000-$5,000+ per month in the stock market.
  • How to use different time frames and setups to make money swing trading or daytrading
  • How to use chart patterns as an effective way to determine which direction a stock may go
  •  How to correctly enter orders for maximum efficiency and minimizing losses on your trades
  •  How to correctly use stop losses so your wins are always bigger than your losses
  •  What advantages you can utilize as a retail trader that the big banks don’t want you to know
  •  How to make money not only when stocks go up, but when they go down as well
  •  The best platforms and resources to use for making money in the stock market.
  •  How to understand market sentiment to determine which way your stock is going to go
  •  How to set up your trading platform with certain indicators
  •  How to find trade setups utilizing specific influencers and experienced traders on Twitter
  •  How to find stocks that never seem to fail
  •   How to utilize advanced option strategies to make consistent and highly profitable trades.
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Member Testimonials:

Lawrence Sinclair - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"Learning to trade takes time and needs the right platform and right trainers. True trading has that and more. It's a great to be able to chat with others and ask questions."

Douglas Goulding - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"The education and insights you get are invaluable. If you plan on trading this is a must have course. I have taken other courses, but this brings it to a whole new level in terms of the intricacies of what to trade, when to trade, and how to execute the order. 10/10 would recommend it!"
If you're interested in getting started, here are the bonuses . . .
  • Private Facebook Group where we will be discussing and sharing ideas, trades, and profitable setups.
  • Bonus videos on how to create a full time business around trading
  • Additional premium video content added each month (trade setups & alerts)
  •  Full access to me via text for specific questions (most of them will be answered on the Facebook Group)
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